This activity is a collaboration by Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) with Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA). This activity aims at making contribution to the government by providing knowledge, ideas, and updated information which will help the President and his government in putting effective economic policies in place that can respond well to current challenges. This activity is also intended to trigger public discussion on several economic problems and challenges facing Indonesia, and to conduct communication of some new paradigms that can be used as the basis for alternative economic policies by the government to address the current problems.

More specifically, one part of this activity is producing 16 policy briefs on seven strategic issues currently observed in Indonesian economy.The strategic issues include: (i) infrastructure development, (ii) trade, industry, and competitiveness, (iii) investment and business climate, (iv) food policy, (v) services sector, (vi) social protection policy, and (vii) fiscal policy. Each policy brief provides concise and thorough discussion on specific field related to Indonesian economic development. Each policy brief also lays out some specific policy recommendations that can assist the government in formulating economic policies, that are based on suitable economic principles and the relevant and latest data or information.

Dissemination of the findings and recommendations produced by this activity is conducted through several channels. First, this activity has made efforts to engage the relevant government officials through some Focus Group Discussions (FGD), the publication of High Level Policy Notes, and hearings with some strategic policymakers with regard to each of the strategic issues mentioned above. Secondly, this activity also conducts widespread public disseminations through Public Seminars on each of the strategic issues, along with publications of the Policy Briefs and supporting multimedia that can be accessed through this website.


The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Jakarta is an independent, non-profit organisation focusing on policy-oriented studies on domestic and international issues. It was established in 1971. Its mission is to contribute to improved policy making through policy-oriented research, dialogue, and public debate. CSIS research and studies are channeled in various forms as independent input to government, universities and research institutions, civil society organizations, media, and business.CSIS undertakes research in economics, politics and social change, and international relations.


The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) is an international organization established by a formal agreement among 16 heads of government at the 3rd East Asia Summit in Singapore on 21 November 2007. ERIA works closely with the ASEAN Secretariat, researchers and research institutes from East Asia to provide intellectual and analytical research and policy recommendations. ERIA conducts research under three pillars: deepening economic integration, narrowing development gaps, and achieving sustainable development. ERIA research covers a wide range of policy areas, such as trade and investment, globalization, SME development, human resource and infrastructure development, as and energy issues.