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Policy Engagementwith Key Economic Policymakers

April – June 2016

In order to communicate the results of studies and policy briefs, the joint-team of CSIS & ERIA has conducted a number of high level policy engagements with strategic policymakers in economic sector, among others:

  1. Bambang Brodjonegoro (Minister of Finance)
  2. Sofyan Djalil (Head of National Development Planning Agency/Bappenas)
  3. Teten Masduki (Presidential Chief of Staff)
  4. Sofjan Wanandi (Expert Team of Vice President)
  5. Wijayanto Samirin (Special Staff ofVice President for Economic & Financial Sector)

During these meetings, CSIS & ERIA joint-team presented a number of key findings and recommendations from each topic of policy briefs. In the discussions, the policymakers have provided valuable input and recommendation for each topic. These meetings have also provided a morestrategic and comprehensive understanding of each topic from the perspective of policymakers.